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HSK/HSKG High-power stud terminals

HSK/HSKG High-power stud terminals

Now, we are complete! CONTA-CLIP is extending its line of stud terminals with the new HSKG. We now offer a wider range of solutions for energy-transmission applications.

HSK/HSKG Features: - M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16 studs - Wire with cable lug, according to DIN 46234, up to 300 mm² - Maintenance-free, subsequent tightening of the nut is not required - High contact strength and vibration resistant because of the   safety/spring washer - Direct contact with cable lugs, or contact via a copper busbar - 2- and 3-pole cross-connectors, designed for the rated current    of the corresponding stud terminal - Secure mount to the TS35 DIN rail - Can be mounted directly (HSKG)

SIK 10 PA-G Fuse disconnect terminals

SIK 10 PA-G  Fuse disconnect terminals

CONTA-CLIP expands its CONTA-CONNECT screwconnection system area with the new fuse disconnect terminals SIK 10 PA-G.

The SIK 10 PA-G fuse disconnect terminals, made from glass-fibre reinforced polyamide PA 6.6 V0, have an extended temperature range for the housing material up to +140 C (RTI elec.) and open up new application possibilities in electrical engineering. These products offer an interesting alternative to terminals blocks made from thermo-set duroplast, and are suitable for short-lasting high temperatures in the production process or for continuous exposure to such temperatures from nearby machines and facilities.

The fuse terminals are fitted with hinged separating levers which can be locked in their end position, and in two varieties to receive metric or imperial miniature fuses.


  •  - Terminal housing can be snapped on TS 35 rail - SIK 10 takes fuses: 5x20 / 5x25 / 5x30
  • - SIK 10/Z holds fuses 6.3x32 / 6.3x25
  • - Two or three disconnect levers can be coupled and    operated simultaneously by using the VBS connection    sleeves
  • - Can be used with solid link as disconnect terminal
  • - Terminal housings made of black glass-fibre reinforced   polyamide 6.6 V0
  • - Temperature resistance to +140°C (RTI elec.)
Pluggable tension-spring connection system ZST


CONTA-CLIP`s modular and flexible connection technology ZST is demanded wherever off-the-shelf units need to be connected and/or replaced. Using the tension-spring connection system ZST, pluggable wiring is possible up to a rated current of 24 A, a rated voltage of 500 V, and a cross-section range of 0.5 mm² to 4 mm².

Advantages of the ZST connection:

 - Quick installation and mounting

- Flexible and modular building block principle

 - High level of wiring safety due to unique coding option

 - Highest mechanical stability of the pluggable elements in the base terminals



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We invite all our loyal customers to take advantage of this opportunity and thank you for your continued support.


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The world of Relays

Overview about our product range.

Relay technology continues to play a large role in the reliability of industrial control and automation solutions. Because of their thin design, relay couplers find use in rail-oriented control designs.
Thanks to their features, CONTA-CLIP relay couplers are well-suited for use in secure electrical isolation of circuits or for the multiplication of contacts. Whether it is in manufacturing, electrical machine and plant instrumentation, control engineering, building automation, or process engineering, everywhere it is important to guarantee that the signal exchange between the peripheral devices and the upper-level central control and instrumentation systems remains potential-free and operationally safe.


Conta-CLIP Does it Again!!!

For the Hanover Fair 2013, we have published our catalog supplements  CONTA-CONNECT in which we show a number of new products in the field of  electrical connectivity.

The "Supplements" featured products include, new screw type terminals  up to 120mm², enclosed stud terminals from 35 to 300mm² and new fuse  disconnect terminals for various fuse sizes.

Furthermore, the new printing system FMScolor documented together with the appropriate consumables

To download new products go to:

HSKG now UL listed

Stud terminals HSKG now UL listed

The new stud terminals from the  series HSKG are now UL listed.

They were examined and certified according to their requirements.  Thus the conformity to the valid US-American standards is confirmed.

New Products Coming SOON

Philcor Products in the next two weeks will be launching a few new products from various suppliers.

So keep your eyes and ears open, these products should make life easier and quicker for any Engineer or patron of the electrical game.


PSPC | PSPM Direct current power supplies

CONTA-CLIP's new generation of PSPC | PSPM switch-mode power supplies are a perfect supply solution for small controllers. Many uses are possible: variants are available with 1A, 2A, 5A and 10A of output current and an output voltage
of 24V DC.

They cover the needs of low- and mid-level power consumption ranging from 25 W to 240 W. The output voltage can be easily adjusted using the potentiometer dial located on the front side of the housing.

The primary switch-mode regulators in use ensure that there are reliable connections everywhere to the public power grids. Installation is quick and safe with their DIN rail mounting and the push-in terminal connections.


  • Primary switch-mode power supply
  • Easy to mount on a TS35 DIN rail
  • Wide-range input
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • No-load and short-circuit safe
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Ambient temperature: -25 to +70°C
  • IP 20 protection
Philcor Proudly brings you Halogen Free Trunking

CONTA-CLIP offers a wide range of cabling ducts for a variety of different installation applications. The ducts have excellent dimensional stability. They also feature tight fitting covers which are easy to snap on and off. The pegs have pre-determined breakage points so that the cable ducts can easily be modified for your cabling. They are available in various sizes and in a halogen-free version.

Fom 30mm x 30mm to 150mm x 100mm.

Everything under control

Everything under control – from a distance: GSM-PRO the M2M Remote I/O Solution

The GSM-PRO, like most SMS modules, are often used as stand-lone units in the field. These modules are put to use at various remote locations even though they normally have configurations which are very similar.

It is often quite helpful to have one overall view of the status of all modules used in the field. The new GSM-PRO portal software from CONTA-CLIP offers you precisely this possibility. This software is very easy to install and configure. All modules in the field can now be easily monitored and run from a single local site or control panel.

CONTA-CLIP‘s new iPhone and Android smartphone apps for the GSM-PRO modules provide a simple and fast solution so that you can get an overview of each distributed system and application.

These apps can show you the status of all inputs and outputs from one or more GSM-PRO modules. They also allow you some control over the process. Module outputs can be controlled easily and directly using this app. The app buttons provide an intuitive control interface (for controlling the heating, a motor, water pump, etc.).

LED Indication


  • Available in Blue, Red, Green, White and Amber
  • Available in 16mm and 22mm
  • Available voltages: 12v, 24v, 36v, 110v and 220v (Special voltages available on request eg 74VDC)
  • Touch proof Design
  • Manufactured in accordance to CE, IEC standards

Red -Danger Act now

Yellow/Amber - Warning , Proceed with care

Green - Safety precaution: go ahead

Blue - Sit specified

Clear - No specific meaning

According to IEC 73 - Colors of liminous indicators and push buttons set out required colors as shown below in orderto conform to the machine directive.


Lockout Saftey

We here at Philcor are proud to announce a new range of Lock-Out devices as well as posters. Our range covers.

  • Lockout Padlocks
  • lockout Hasps
  • Valve Lockouts
  • Cylinder lockouts
  • Plug Lockouts
  • Circuit Breaker Lockouts
  • Lockout Stations
  • Lockout Kits
  • Push Button Lockouts
  • Lockout Tags
  • Self Adhesive Signs & Labels
  • Lockout Posters and Registers

 Please feel free to phone or email if you have any Questions

Stainless Steel Products

Philcor has a large variety of Stainless steel products, from stainless steel cable ties to its full marking system. There are a few options when it comes to Stainless steel cable markers, from you every day cable marker to ones that are slightly larger and allow for a bigger cable tie to pass through to dog tags and as well as stainless steel plaque.

The Cable ties come in many different sizes and materials the most popular being 304SS there are also available options like 316SS nylon coated .

Advantages of using our range of stainless steel products.

  • Won't cut into your equipment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick to use.
  • All products have engravings on to identify that it is our product as well as what material it is.
  • Safe product to work with.
Cable Junction Box

Armoured Cable 4 Way Junction box M25 IP68

Armoured Cable 4 Way Junction box M25 IP68

Armoured Cable Junction Box is a general purpose junction box suitable for all surface applications. It is manufactured from impact, corrosion and UV resistant glass reinforced polyester compound, and this provides 1,2,3 or 4 way versatility. Screw on lid provides ease of installation.

*Image shows 20mm Junction box

Features & Benefits

No exposed metal parts
Dust and water proof to IP68 when used with approved appropriate glands
One box offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 way versatility for reduced stock holding
No drilling or tapping of cable entries required
Mounting studs provided for DIN rail terminals
Internal earth continuity ring to earth gland entries

Technical Data

Gland Material : UV Resistant Glass Reinforced Polyester Compound

Dimensions : Internal Diameter : 110mm, Internal Height : 53mm
IP Ratings : IP68


New to Philcor


Premier 38mm Brass Padlock 5 Pin with two Keys - TOP and Bottom lock option for HT and LT Subs

Substation Hierarchy Lock Key Alike Sets

Up to 5 levels of Locks which allows lowest levels key holders access to certain areas only - Higher level Key opens all lower level locks but no higher level lock

(Special Orders Only)

Brass Locks

New Brass Economy Padlocks

Economy Brass Padlock regular Shackle 38mm

Economy Brass Padlock Long Shackle 50mm

Economy Brass Padlock Long Shackle 63mm

Economy Thin Brass Padlock Short Shackle 25mm

 (Special Orders Only)

JHB Branch Coming Soon

We are delighted to annonce Philcor will be opening a  Branch in the Johannesberg area soon.

After a considerable amout out time out of the JHB area. Philcor is happy to annonce that we will be launching the following products

Conta- Clip


Philcor Safety

Philcor Box it

Card board Boxes

Philcor Packaging does many different types of boxes and packaging to meet your packaging requirements.

From Small to large boxes.

Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Please call us for a price list and any requirement that you need.

Card board Boxes

Philcor Packaging does many different types of boxes and packaging to meet your packaging requirements.

From Small to large boxes.

Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Please call us for a price list and any requirement that you need.

Bubble Wrap and Protective packaging

Philcor Packaging as all the requirements for send or storing items 

From Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Tape and much more 

For Cape Town to Johannesburg 

Please Contact Us for more details 

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